Sustainable Transport Award 2016


Yichang, the second largest city in China’s Hubei Province, has been honored by this year’s Sustainable Transport Award. Yichang won the award ahead of finalists Moscow (Russia) and Rosario (Argentina). The Sustainable Transport Award (STA) is given annually to a city that has implemented innovative and sustainable transport projects.

The Chinese city has reformed its transport system by launching a successful bus rapid transit system (BRT), implementing parking improvements and introducing a new bike share scheme. Stretching 20 kilometers along one of the city’s busiest roads, the system serves over 240,000 riders a day on 362 buses, 200 of which are new BRT buses with doors on both sides. Yichang also implemented the groundbreaking parking reform, with half of the parking spaces along the BRT corridor eliminated and the remainder subject to improved management. With 30 kilometers of bike lanes (part of a planned 220 kilometer network), and 700 trees planted along with 29 new safe pedestrian crossings and a bike share system set to open in the next month, large imrovements have been made.

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