“Sustainable mobility made in Germany“ in the Journal International Transportation, Issue 1, May 2015

new English version of "Internationales Verkehrswesen" published article from TUMI Friends

The new Journal ‘International Transportation’ – the new English version of ‘Internationales Verkehrswesen’ – published the article “Sustainable mobility made in Germany“. InternationalTransportationBy pooling the knowledge and expertise available in Germany, TUMI Friends makes a valuable contribution to the international dialogue on smart transportation and to sus­tainable development worldwide. A glance of what the partners of  TUMI Friends do – Their fields of activity are outlined as followed:


  • Delphi p. 23
  • Nextbike p. 23
  • PTV Group p. 24
  • Team Red p. 24
  • TCP International p.24-25


Urban Transport Smart strategies to meet the requirements of tomorrow

International Transportation, Issue 1 | May 2015

Free Download : http://www.internationalesverkehrswesen.de/fileadmin/user_upload/pdfs/IT_01_2015_150dpi.pdf