Study Tour of South African Officials in Germany on Public Transport Governance

Under the topic of “Public Transport Governance”, South African Officials visited Berlin and Frankfurt am Main to gain an insight in German models of public transport. Afterwards, the delegation developed recommendations and project ideas for future activities in public transport in South Africa. Connective Cities together with GIZ’s Sustainable Urban Transport Project and in cooperation with the German – South African “Governance Support Programme” developed a study tour oriented on current topics of public transport challenges in South Africa. An introduction to TUMI Friends’ work was part of the programme.

The tour aimed at developing an understanding of relevant governance arrangements for public transport in Germany. This included the intergovernmental cooperation between the three spheres of government and state owned entities – municipal, federal state and national level – with regard to planning and operations. Focal areas were, amongst others, the shape and nature of public grants as well as the relationship between the public and the private sector. The study tour encouraged to discover existing good practices and innovative approaches in the public transport sector. Thereby, it was shown how to plan an integrated transport concept and how to include the public within these planning mechanisms.

The full Study Tour programme can be downloaded here.

Study Tour South Africans Public Transport GovernanceStudy Tour Public Transport Governance programme