“Solutions for a global challenge – Made in Germany” in the International Transportation, Issue 2, October 2015

Article from TUMI Friends is featured in the English version of "Internationales Verkehrswesen"

International Transportation 1Under the headline “Looking ahead – Advanced transportation solutions”, the journal ‘International Transportation’ – an English version of ‘Internationales Verkehrswesen’ – issued the article “Solutions for a global challenge – Made in Germany“ (page 18-20) in their second english edition of 2015.

By gathering German knowledge and expertise,  TUMI Friends makes a valuable contribution to the international dialogue on smart transportation and sustainable development worldwide. The friends of TUMI Friends already provide their services in various developing and emerging countries, whereas other members of the network develop new ideas and concepts towards sustainable transport solutions. Some of our friends’ expertise is outlined below:

  • Match Rider (p. 18)
    Taking into account the positive cultural norms around ridesharing, Katina Schneider of Match Rider elaborates on opportunities for app-based or dynamic ridesharing innovation in many developing and emerging countries.
  • Doppelmayr Cable Car (p. 19)
    Nowadays, there is much potential for urban ropeway systems, in particular in difficult topographies and neighbourhoods with lacking access, explains Katharina Anna Bernard of Doppelmayr while introducing the example of Caracas Metrocables, San Agustín in Venezuela.
  • ally (p. 20)
    Convinced that technology and data can have a major positive impact on the cities’ urban evolution and mobility, Ulrich Strötz, Isabel Flores and Erica Couto of ally point out three steps towards an implementation of demand-driven public transport.
  • team red Akademie (p. 20)
    René Waßmer introduces team red Akademie and their open and transparent platform for communication and exchange in the context of transformation to a post-fossil fuel society.

Looking ahead – Advanced transportation solutions

International Transportation, Issue 2 | October 2015

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