SmartlaneDISPATCH!: An Innovative Cargo Route Planning App Launched

d751ff_f10bcf85fab94b40b85ba7671fd2f5c0Keeping track of your order, routes and delivery times while directing your driver smartly and keeping your customers updated at the same time – all this can be done easily with SmartlaneDISPATCH!, the recently launched application of Smartlane, a Munich-based startup. SmartlaneDISPATCH!, which is available both in a software-as-a-service form and as API, provides a handy tool for businesses to set up demand-oriented logistics processes. It includes innovative and flexible order and fleet management system, route optimalisation functions and smart calculation of delivery times. Especially in dense urban areas, the app proves very useful for avoiding empty rides and long detours, thus significantly diminishing the transport costs and CO^2 emissions. SmartlaneDISPATCH! is now available as a free 30-day trial.

Find more information on the app’s website

Read more in Smartlane’s press release (in German)