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Metropolitan Solutions: 20 - 22 May 2015 in Berlin

Sustainable Mobility for Smart Cities hosted by TUMI Friends

Access to business opportunities, health, education and other basic services is becoming difficult in many developing cities due to a deteriorating transport environment. Air and noise pollution, decreasing safety levels and overloaded transport systems are having a severe impact on the economic, social life and ecological conditions in a city. In many cases public transport systems and facilities for nonmotorised transport users such as pedestrians and cyclists are particularly prone to negligence and under-funding. The urban poor who rely on these systems are seriously affected by this neglect and poor urban mobility management. Remarkably, the same is true for businesses which likewise need reliable transportation.

During this event, national and international experts will have the possibility to exchange experiences and knowledge on sustainable mobility with a strong focus on urban development and related challenges. The event will focus on three areas:
– Smart Mobility
– Clean Air
– Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS)
This event is hosted by TUMI Friends. As a platform for exchanging knowledge, expertise and experiences, TUMI Friends supports the transformation towards sustainability in developing and emerging countries. It serves as a network of information from academia, businesses, civil society and associations.


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