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First Mobility Flat Rate available in Augsburg – Germany


Many of us experience the advantages of flat rates every day. One tariff and you can surf the Internet or make calls without worries. A principle, which has already established itself in the field of entertainment technology, has now been redeveloped by a city in Germany.

Augsburg (57 km from Munich, 292 thousand inhabitants) is moving ahead – and presents the first “mobility-flat” ever implemented in Germany. The principle is easy. At a fixed price you can use all modes of transport (bus, tram, car sharing and rental bike) in the city [i]. The maxim is to be flexible on the go. A favorable factor for the implementation of such a system is that the municipal utility of Augsburg offers all modes of transport itself[ii].

In addition to the already existing mobility offers, residents now have the option of choosing between two flat rates. The monthly subscription can be purchased online. Always included in the flat rates is a local transport subscription and the free use of city-bicycles for up to 30 minutes. The price difference between the two packages consists in the use of car sharing. For instance, the “mobility-Flat S” for 79 € includes up to 15 hours or up to 150 kilometers of car sharing. With the “mobility-Flat M” for 109 €, car-sharing can be used for up to 30 hours per month without any mileage restrictions. Anyone who is on the road for a longer period of time or drives a greater distance, pays the normal car-sharing tariff in addition [iii].

Mobility-Flat S Mobility-Flat M
79€ per month 109€ per month
Local transport subscription Local transport subscription
Free use of city-bicycles for up to 30 minutes Free use of city-bicycles for up to 30 minutes
15 hours or up to 150 km car sharing 30 hours car sharing without mileage restriction

The final packages are the results of a one-year test phase with 50 local participants [i]. The Managing Director of the municipal utilities emphasizes “By evaluating the test results, we created solutions that provide real added value for our customers”. The package prices therefore do not just correspond to the total component prices [ii].

The city of Augsburg relies on future-oriented decisions and holistic approaches. In addition to the innovations in local transport, the city center is being extensively renovated as part of the major project “Augsburg City”. Augsburg is making itself future-proof and competitive in terms of mobility and urban development.

Who is next? Do you feel inspired already? Come together, exchange ideas and keep on moving!

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