Long-Distance Bus Transport: Flixbus Takes Over Postbus

flixbus-postbus-free_for_editorial_purposesFlixbus, the leading provider of long-distance bus services in Germany, announced its acquisition of Postbus, the number two of the German bus transit market. It is yet another step towards the greater consolidation of the long-distance bus services in Germany and Europe, after Flixbus, which already owns 71% of the market, took over Megabus, its British competitor. The now well-known company was established as recently as in 2013, after the German railway operator Deutsche Bahn lost its monopoly over long-distance journeys in the Federal Republic. Since then, Flixbus expanded exponentially, especially after its fusion with MeinFernbus.de. Now the characteristic green buses hit most of the roads between London and Warsaw.

After the acquisition has been completed, Flixbus will be gradually aligning Postbus’ routes and timetables with its own, reduce the overlapping connections and expand its service in mid and small-sized cities. It will also intend to reach new customer groups, covering both young, tech-savvy online-ticket buyers that used to choose Flixbus and those who used to prefer the offline ticket counters of Postbus that were available at Deutsche Post offices.