LBBW Event: Automotive and electro-mobility in ASEAN

TUMI Friends at the LBBW Event "Automotive and electro-mobility in ASEAN"

ASEAN is a fast growing region with a high mobility demand. The region’s prosperous automotive industry and a rising middle class, alongside the pursued integration in the Asian Economic Community (AEC) have created high hopes for possible engagements in this region. Therefore Landesbank Baden-Württemberg invited representatives of ASEAN countries, suppliers and manufacturers of the German automotive industry, consultancies, and academic experts to discuss opportunities in the field of automotive and electro-mobility for the ASEAN region.


During the event it became clear that sustainable solutions need to be found to cater for both the mobility demand and the compliance with upcoming regulations, especially in fast growing cities. Possible ways forward were examined, for instance electric two- or four-wheelers or a reorganization of the transport system through the instrument of travel demand management.


TUMI Friends took part in the discussion and introduced itself to the community present. Given our growing community and knowledge base, we are confident to provide some answers to the upcoming questions in the ASEAN region.

ASEAN Informationsveranstaltung für LBBW Geschäftskunden

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