“get started already!” – TUMI Friends at CeBIT Transport and Mobility Day 2016

Inspire Connect Develop was this year’s motto of the BMZ Community Space at CeBIT, at SCALE11, the exhibition hall especially focusing on start-ups. TUMI Friends contributed to the thematic day March 16 on Transport and Mobility with interactive workshops and a booth.







The TUMI Friends network hosted a series of pitches about their innovative sustainable mobility solutions.

  • AC Group (Rwanda) explained their smart ticketing system
  • Khenz (Rwanda) showed their software on online ticketing services
  • CatKin introduced their smart logistic hub
  • ParkTag explained not only their parking assistance technology but also their upcoming data tracking tool
  • Shäre introduced their taxi sharing application as well as their ideas for the future
  • Smartlane demonstrated their cutting edge technology that can process large amounts of data extremely quickly for transport and logistic providers
  • MotionTag illustrated smart tracking for up to 9 transport modes as an interesting tool for market research and diverse business cases
  • House of New Mobility presented their platform for mobility solutions,
  • Hamburg Consult illustrated their concept of intellicrowd – a smart solution for passenger management

Later on, during a panel discussion on Transport, Mobility and Logistics, panelists explored how digitalization and innovation may change the market for transport and mobility solutions. The panelists did underline the necessity to create business models for innovative solutions.


During the afternoon workshop on Disruptive Urban Mobility Planning, facilitated by Impact Hub Berlin, TUMI Friends friends and start-ups from developing countries discussed ideas on how innovative mobility solutions may change mobility behavior and how these mobility innovations could transform mobility in developing countries:

  • The participants envisaged future mobility as marked by seamlessness and affordability, characteristics also leading to a behavioral change. The use of new technologies will facilitate the usage of transport options and go hand in hand with an increase in intermodality. Relating to this, data, especially user generated data, is seen as a key factor permitting to create a modern transport system that generates less noise, less stress and shorter time spent in traffic.
  • The implementation of the described vision in developing countries will lead to an optimized transport portfolio, adapted to the users’ needs. Reduced costs and access for everyone even in remote areas will be the results. Furthermore, better and safer public transport will make it more attractive to use and lead to higher passenger numbers. Participants agreed, that along with education on sustainable transport, the acceptance of innovative technologies and mobility solutions will grow further.







The Transport and Mobility day at CeBIT was a great opportunity to exchange ideas and connect with interdisciplinary stakeholders!

For further information, please contact secretariat@german-sustainable-mobility.de.