“German Road Safety” – New publication informs on basic rules for road safety

German Road SafetyThe German Road Safety Council’s new project “German Road Safety” addresses visitors and people who are new in Germany and provides them with basic information on traffic rules and road safety. Two brochures, “Cycling in Germany” and “On the roads in Germany – what do I need to know?” have just been translated from German to English and Arabic. More languages, among them Farsi, Pashtu, French and Albanian will be available soon.

The publication aims to introduce new German residents to the binding German traffic rules which are necessary to follow to, in order to avoid road accidents and hence reduce road fatalities. Especially pedestrians and bike users are endangered if they do not know the traffic rules. Therefore it is important to provide theses vulnerable road users with information on how to stay safe.

You can download the publications on the webpage www.germanroadsafety.de or by following these links: Cycling in Germany and On the roads in Germany – what do I need to know?.

The German Road Safety Council (DVR) aims to support measures that are entitled to improve traffic safety of all road users. DVR therefore develops programs and addresses different kinds of challenges connected to road safety. More information on the DVR can be found here: http://www.dvr.de/dvr/aufbau/kurzdarstellung_20.htm

For more information on road safety, please refer to the TUMI Friends Poster A Comprehensive Approach for Road Safety, which is Available in English, Chinese, Portuguese and Arabic. Furthermore you might be interested by our Spotlight publication No. 2, which introduces with the DEKRA Road Safety Report.