The transport sector possesses enormous potential to increase its energy efficiency and to reduce its environmental and social Impacts. Technology, next to intelligent planning and policies, helps to achieve multiple sustainability targets, e.g. regarding emission reductions and increasing road safety.

This can be done by well-proven, conventional advancements, Intelligent Transport System (ITS) solutions as well as alternative vehicle and fuel technologies. For example, the federal government is actively promoting electric forms of transportation as a clean mobility solution. Above, suitable technological solutions are required for the sound functioning and efficient operation of transport systems and infrastructures, supply chains and communication.

German technology has developed a reputation for outstanding reliability and high efficiency; the field is known for its highly trained and creative engineers, who work in universities, research institutes, and numerous specialised companies—some with international renown. German actors offer energy-efficient vehicles and machines for road, rail or logistics purposes; innovative information and ticketing solutions and modern equipment for public transport systems; ITS solutions for all transport modes; safety technologies for infrastructures and all kind of vehicles as well as complete solutions for alternative fuel and propulsion technologies.

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Is the future of urban buses electric? Read more about the outcomes of the European workshop on clean bus procurement, which took place in Bremen, December 11-12, 2013

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Did you know that in Germany:

  • Reducing a car’s weight by 100kg saves 0.3 litres of fuel/100 km on average

Russia’s high-speed train, Sapsan (“Peregrine Falcon”), is based on the German InterCityExpress train and has run since 2009 between St. Petersburg, Moscow and Nizhny Novgorod


“Catherine the Great” – rail track-laying machinery reaches superlative proportions

Lärm am Bahndamm: Katharina die Große schüttelt das Gleisbett auf – Neumarkt, Postbauer-Heng | Nordbayern

SPITZKE – Systemlieferant Bahn, Bahninfrastruktur Unternehmen, Gleisbau, Elektrifiezierung


“The lasting solution – In the area of high-speed rail traffic, slab tracks have become established as an alternative to standard sleepers in traditional ballast roadbeds. The different slab track concepts either make use of (concrete) troughs into which the sleepers are cast, or precast slabs are installed, which already contain the necessary rail seats.” From

P-Tec international | slab tracks (


“Real Time Traffic Information (RTTI) keeps you updated on the traffic situation as it develops and to the nearest 100m. The system also calculates what delays are to be expected and recommends detours. This keeps you precisely informed of the traffic situation on the planned route and potential alternative routes at all times. As a result you can react to tailbacks and road closures in good time and avoid them.” From

Real Time Traffic Information |

Automatic Parking System

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