Based on years of learning and improvement in cycling development techniques, an extensive body of practical knowledge is made available by The Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure. The series „Cycling Expertise Files“ covers all important aspects of cycling development:

The federal environmental agency (UBA) has investigated the potential of cycling to reduce emissions in road transport:

In many German cities, cycling promotion and development have been institutionalized – cycling coordinators and officers play a crucial role in making cycling safe, attractive and convenient.

Publications – SUTP

The handbook “Cycling inspiration” provides information on experiences, knowledge and approaches in Germany and other places:

The Cycling Portal is the federal government’s online cycling platform with plenty of useful news and information, dates and activities around cycling:

Literature Database on the Cycling Portal:

Literature | Fahrradportal (


Fact and Figures

Did you know that in Germany:

  • More than 10 % of all journeys are made by bike?
  • the number of bikes per capita is 0.9?
  • more than 90 million kilometres are travelled by bike per year?
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Video of cycling in Münster, Germany