Cycling in Germany

Cycling enjoys great prominence in German cities. In our top-league cities such as Münster, almost every second trip is done by bike. Large cities like Frankfurt and Berlin have doubled or tripled their cycling shares in the past 15 years.

The bicycle not only became a symbol of a healthy and modern lifestyle, but is a crucial part of any urban transport strategy. We put substantial efforts in providing dedicated high-quality infrastructure and in making general road infrastructure fit for cycling (e.g. by traffic calming and appropriate way finding). The careful design of cycling infrastructure taking local conditions and opportunities as well as wide range of possible solutions into account is essentially a hallmark of the German approach – there is no one-solution-fits-it-all approach in a country with cities with diverse structures and different levels of cycling development.

Further, Germany promotes modern concepts for using bikes: Bike sharing and central bike parking & service centres as well as electric propulsion systems became very popular in the last years. Today more than 1 million e-bikes and pedelecs are roaming German roads.

Many businesses, companies and cycling associations are joining efforts to promote cycling. Bike to Work campaigns encourage employees to cycle to work, employers are involved in Bike + Business campaigns. The promotion of cycling starts already at school age. Children playfully learn the basic traffic rules and tips for safe cycling at a special course.

Lately, more and more cargo bikes can be spotted on German streets; they are especially used for family trips and shopping. We also put efforts in the development of cycle highways, so that cycling becomes more attractive for commuters on medium distances.

Fact and Figures

Did you know that in Germany:

  • More than 10 % of all journeys are made by bike?
  • the number of bikes per capita is 0.9?
  • more than 90 million kilometres are travelled by bike per year?
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Video of cycling in Münster, Germany