Smart Cars & Urban Mobility Conference

30.11.2016, Munich

The “Smart Cars & Urban Mobility” Conference takes on the central challenges facing the automotive industry which exist in the connectivity environment. At the conference, learn more, for example, about how you can use Big Data in the context of urban mobility, how you can correctly process data while ensuring its security as well as the legal requirements in this area. You can also find out about new business models for the automotive industry. A special highlight being organised by General Motors is the Startup App Contest. Meet the most innovative startup in the industry and learn about its latest solution in the field of connectivity.

The “Smart Cars & Urban Mobility” Conference is aimed at the management of OEMs, automotive suppliers, companies in the field of mobility solutions/application providers or involved in urban planning, and for startups. In addition, data and IT specialists are also addressed.

30 Nov – 1 Dec 2016

Smart Cars & Urban Mobility