International Cycling Conference 2017 (UBA, GIZ)

19.09.2017, Mannheim, Germany

The ICC aims to bring together a better understanding of all fields relevant to the promotion of active mobility, ranging from the determinants of active mobility to the development and impacts of policies and interventions, including the role of culture and governance. The ambition is to create a common framing through exchanging disciplinary perspectives.

The ICC will give a platform to academics and practitioners involved in research and practice related to cycling and active mobility.
As a major aim of the ICC is to bridge the gap between science and practice, two new formats will be introduced to facilitate dialogue between both groups: R4P (Researchers for Practitioners) and P4R (Practitioners for Researchers). Strengthening interdisciplinary networking and transfer of knowledge is crucial in a world today where cycling is gaining momentum.

The call for papers and more information can be found here.

19 – 21 September 2017