TUMI Friends@IAA: Sharing mobility for greener cities and more living space (Panel discussion)

17.09.2015, Frankfurt, Germany

Sharing has become a major driver of sustainable development. In transport, sharing rather than owning lets one choose and interchange between modes flexibly, according to whatever needs one has. Less car ownership promises gained living space and better environment protection by optimized utilization of shared cars and higher use of other modes. In most large industrialised cities, sharing bikes, rides, cars and even parking facilities has already become a trending topic in transport. As cities in developing countries and emerging economies are growing by the hour, their transport systems development cannot keep pace. Cars invade public spaces, leaving no room for walking and recreation. Recognising the challenge of rapid urbanisation and motorisation cities and metropolitan areas worldwide seek for solutions for their overloaded transport systems.

Strategists of successfully implementing sharing schemes and experts on mobility sharing will in this session discuss the chances of sharing mobility in the context of urbanization in developing and emerging economies.


  • 17 Sep 2015, 12 noon, Urban Solutions Market, New Mobility World, IAA Frankfurt


  • Valerian Seither – eMio
  • Malte Behrend – tamyca
  • Heiko Balsmeyer – Verkehrsclub Deutschland (VCD)


  • Michel Arnd – TUMI Friends