Ecomobility Days Quito 2016

16.09.2016, Quito, Ecuador

The City of Quito, as an EcoMobility Alliance city, will host an EcoMobility workshop in October 2016 during the HABITAT III International conference. The workshop will focus on creating sustainable mobility in cities and venues to bring sustainable mobility to Quito and other participating cities.
On these days, the sessions are open for all participants of the Habitat III conference.

The main purpose of the Quito EcoMobility Days is to bring ambitious cities together to collectively deliberate on ecomobility and find ways forward to implement ecomobility in cities. The event will also create interactions with representatives of national governments and discussions about cooperation among national, regional and local governments for sustainable urban development planning and implementation.

16.09.2016-19.09.2016, Quito, Ecuador