Side event in Quito: Urban Cable Cars – the future of urban mobility above our heads

19.10.2016, MR 11, Quito, Ecuador

Cities, especially in the developing world are looking for smart, less-expensive, and easily implementable technologies to help overcome an ever increasing struggle to provide mobility to their growing urban populations. Cable transit systems are the most economical, safe and environmentally friendly of all fixed-link medium capacity transportation systems. They emit no source-point emissions, create little noise pollution and can be installed with a minimum of disturbance to the stable communities they service.

As a leader in the cable industry, GPSM friend Doppelmayr is excited to share its knowledge, experience, and ideas. The event is designed to educate, inform, and inspire about the capabilities and possibilities of cable transit in the urban environment. Examples of existing systems will be reviewed as a way to illustrate the numerous possibilities for alignments, stations, lengths, and applications.

You are cordially invited!

19. October 2016, from 12h30-13h30 at MR11, Quito