6th Freiburg Workshop “Air Pollution Control and Models”

07.06.2016, Freiburg

The 6th Freiburg Workshop begins on Tuesday, 7 June 2016 at 3 pm (registration from 12:30 pm) and ends on Wednesday, 8 June 2016 at around 12:45 pm.

Early bookers will benefit from our special offer until 18 March 2016. As the number of pasrticipants is limited by the premises capacity, it is strongly recommended to book as soon as possible.

Directly before the beginning of the workshop, on 7 June 2016 from 10 am till 12 am, two events regarding the IMMIS software system will be offered. Beginners and guests interested in the IMMIS software are invited to take part in an introductory event focussed on the application of different models of the IMMIS software system. Moreover, we wish to encourage all IMMIS users to participate in a Best Practice Seminar for IMMISem/luft in which typical problem-solving approaches and a number of useful day-to-day tips will be presented and discussed.

A prior registration is necessary for both the workshop and each of IMMIS seminars.