EU-China Urban Partnership delegation explores innovative mobility in Aachen

Air quality and sustainable transport development are high-ranking priorities for decision-makers and planners in Chinese cities. In the framework of the EU-China Urban Partnership, a high-ranking delegation from Chinese cities visited Gent, Antwerpen, Rotterdam, Amsterdam, Utrecht and Aachen. Organised by the European CIVITAS DYN@MO-Project, the delegation met up with transport professionals from the city of Aachen as well as with representatives from TUMI Friends on January 21.

After a welcoming reception with Aachen’s Lord Mayor Marcel Philipp and a meeting with local media, the group discussed mobility planning approaches in Aachen and got introduced to local initiatives in the field of smart and electric mobility. At noon, accompanied by sunshine just-in-time, the group started for a city bus tour through the campus area, new urban developments, and visited the electric mobility laboratory at RWTH Aachen University. On site, the delegates used the opportunity to explore live the latest innovations like StreetScooter, a modular concept for electric utility vehicles (, VeloCity Aachen, a pedelec bike sharing system ( as well as experimental cargo bikes and trikes for urban logistics.

The trip concluded with a visit of Aachen’s public transport operator ASEAG. Surprising for the hosts from Aachen was the fact that the city Shenzhen has already in place about 3000 full-electric buses (about 10 per cent of the entire bus fleet). A vivid exchange of experiences arose, in which guests and hosts discussed the development of full-electric and high capacity buses in China and Germany.

Hsin-Yu Tu (Hamburg-Consult) and Mathias Merforth (GIZ) informed about the TUMI Friends and their respective activities in China. Hamburg-Consult is a multi-disciplinary consulting company for public transport solutions, with more than 45 years of project experience. Focussing on Asia, HC Consult operates the news portal “Asia Public Transport” in various languages.

In our Flickr-album you’ll find further impressions from Aachen.

One of ASEAG’s 26m buses