Enabling Change, the TUMI Friends

Kick-off event at International Transport Forum

TUMI Friends held its first public event, “Enabling Change: The TUMI Friends” on May 22 at ITF 2014, attracting more than 80 representatives from businesses, academia, civil society and associations.

Franz Marré (BMZ) and Falk Heinen (BMUB) introduced the TUMI Friends‘ objectives, challenges and its future direction in the beginning of the session. Through enhanced dialogue between developed and developing countries, TUMI Friends aims to support the implementation of sustainable transport solutions in a comprehensive manner. Rehana Moosajee gave the keynote speech; as a former mayoral committee member for transport in Johannesburg, South Africa, she focused on experiences and challenges from emerging countries and the role of international cooperation in sustainable mobility.

Moosajee highlighted the potential of international cooperation through the TUMI Friends and also outlined the possible obstacles. The need for sustainable mobility solutions in developing and emerging countries is obvious. International support cannot be haphazardly deployed; for partnerships to succeed, a cooperative platform with comprehensive concepts and tools is essential.

Oliver Lah (Wuppertal Institute) and Sebastian Schlebusch (nextbike) explored a broad range of promising planning strategies and technologies in the transport sector. Mr. Michael Gruber (KfW) shared his experience working in transport in a multilateral development bank. In the following panel discussion led by Prof. Dr.-Ing. Gerd-Axel Ahrens (TU Dresden), the panellists responded to questions from the audience on further steps of the partnership as well as on how to join it.