Disruptive Mobility – Transformational change through innovative solutions

16 March 2016, Scale 11, CeBIT
Do you agree that comprehensive data-sets will disrupt traditional transport planning approaches and mobility behavior? Will innovative mobility solutions change our mobility behavior? Will they change the modes of transport we use, the efficiency of transport operations, and our perspective on mobility itself?

disruptive mobility

Foto: Bridget Coila Creative Commons Attribution Shar-Alike 2.0 License

Elaborate challenges and opportunities and how applicable these concepts are in the context of developing countries and emerging economies!

At CeBIT we would like to discuss with you comprehensive data-sets disrupt traditional transport planning approaches and mobility behavior changes. Pitch your ideas, meet other stakeholders from around the globe and develop new ideas during the disrupt mobility – day at CeBIT. Please see the Programme here and register. Unfortunately we’ve only a limited number of tickets available – first come, first serve.