Consulting in Sustainable Mobility published

Consulting in Sustainable Mobility provides comprehensive and smart solutions

The newly published “Consulting in Sustainable Mobility” by TUMI Friends gathers German knowledge and expertise on sustainable, innovative and efficient mobility solutions. The German experience is worth of study, as Germany opted early on for energy-efficient, integrated and smart solutions in the transport sector. In bringing together trustworthy and proven experiences and skills on sustainable mobility solutions, TUMI Friends makes a valuable contribution to the international dialogue on smart transportation and to sustainable development worldwide.


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Mobility and logistics are increasingly perceived as key agents of change, not only as simple means of moving people and goods from A to B. Due to rapidly changing and increasing challenges, sustainable transport solutions need to be pursued in a comprehensive manner. Smart and sustainable mobility and logistics solutions can be key to sustainable development. The international exchange of ideas in the field of smart solutions offers a unique opportunity to help solve one of the greatest challenges of our generation.

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