Comprehensive Solutions for Increasing Challenges

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In a rapidly changing world, mobility is key to sustainable development. Increasing economic, ecological and social aspirations of citizens worldwide, and limited natural resources drive innovation in the transport sector. The international exchange of ideas is a chance to solve one of the greatest challenges of our generation. Germany is a world leader in sustainable, innovative and efficient mobility solutions. athering German knowledge and expertise, TUMI Friends serves as a guide for sustainable mobility and green logistics solutions from Germany.

GPSM_Increasing-challenges-comprehensive_solutionsA new booklet illustrates its focus areas.


A wide range of intractable problems such as polluting emissions, noise, traffic accidents, resource depletion, and inaccessibility of amenities are directly linked to the current transport regimes. Sustainable mobility solutions can transform cities into places for healthy living, research and innovation, and efficient production. Green logistics helps improving the efficiency of production and trade whereby reducing the negative footprint of transport.

Many mobility problems faced by developing countries and emerging economies today are strongly linked to global challenges such as climate change, eroding natural resources, demographic changes and migration. Reconciling socio-economic development with the protection of our livelihood is the greatest challenge in the 21st century. The international exchange of ideas in the field of sustainable mobility and logistics offers a unique opportunity to help solve these challenges. By gathering German knowledge and expertise, TUMI Friends makes a valuable contribution to the international dialogue on smart transportation and to sustainable development worldwide.