Innovative Logistics Solutions Analysed in the Urban Freight Lab in Berlin

????????????????????????????????????On 30 May TUMI Friends organised the Urban Freight Lab. In the workshop, urban freight innovations and their applicability in the developing countries context were discussed. It underlined the highly disruptive effect of smartphone-based solutions, small distribution hubs and cargo bikes. Furthermore, a key role of strong, city-level centralised authorities, consistent cycling and urban logistics master plans, proper incentives packages as well as freely accessible open data sources were expressed.Read more

Experttalk: Sustainable Transport in Africa

23 June 2016, 5 p.m. in the Reichstag Building, Berlin

TUMI Friends, the German-African Business Association and the European Institute for Sustainable Transport (EURIST) cordially invite you to an evening discussion about German-African partnership in Sustainable Transport.

Under the patronage of Andreas Lämmel and Valerie Wilms, (Members of the Bundestag), and with support from Kurt Bodewig, former German Minister for Transport and current CEO of Baltic Sea Forum and UN-NGO expert, we will discuss opportunities and challenges facing development in the transport sector in Africa, particularly how ideas and concepts from Germany might contribute to sustainability. The event will be opened by Debashish Bhattacharjee (UN HABITAT Kenya), Jane Akumu (Programme Offi cer at UNEP Transport Unit), and Roger Gorham (Worldbank, tbc).

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Discover Berlin

UnbenanntExplore Berlin with the Sustainable Urban Transport Guide for Berlin by TUMI Friends!

The guide lets you discover Berlin by sustainable transport. It features five tours in and outside of Berlin. The guide provides you with facts on Berlin’s intermodal transport philosophy, the public transport network and the city’s projects concerning sustainable transport, such as the low emission zone in the inner city ring. In addition to that, the guide summarises history and explains the sights that you will pass by.

On top, it features numerous links to documents and informative material on general traveller’s information, sightseeing and bike trips.

The guide has been relaunched for the special occasion of the German Habitat Forum 2016.

You can download the new guide here.

Germany’s Bicycle Portal relaunched– Better Access to information

Germany’s Bicycle Portal now comes in a fresh design. The relaunched site features better search options and more content and improved navigation.

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TUMI Friends participates in national kick-off conference for Germany’s European Mobility Week

On 14th and 15th April 2016 the national kick-off conference for the European Mobility Week took place in Berlin. TUMI Friends participated in the marketplace presenting innovative solutions for mobility – made in Germany. The conference introduced the European Mobility Week to local governments and encouraged to participate with own projects. Since 2002, the EMW is held every year in nearly all European Countries. This year’s motto is: Smart and sustainable mobility – an investment for Europe.Read more

Discover Leipzig

Explore Leipzig by sustainable transport now with the new travel guide released by TUMI Friends today! It features four tours that will let you discover the city using sustainable transport modes. In contains valuable information on the sights you will pass by and on Leipzig’s history and transport development.

The guide provides you with facts on mobility in Leipzig, e.g. bike-sharing and car-sharing as well as on the public transport network, regional and local transport companies, railway networks, ticketing and pricing.

On top, it features links to extensive informative material on general traveller’s information, sightseeing in Leipzig and bike trips.

Download the new guide here.


“German Road Safety” – New publication informs on basic rules for road safety

German Road SafetyThe German Road Safety Council’s new project “German Road Safety” addresses visitors and people who are new in Germany and provides them with basic information on traffic rules and road safety. Two brochures, “Cycling in Germany” and “On the roads in Germany – what do I need to know?” have just been translated from German to English and Arabic. More languages, among them Farsi, Pashtu, French and Albanian will be available soon.Read more

EcoMobility Alliance Report Provides Leading Case Studies of Sustainable Mobility

The newly-released EcoMobility Alliance Report 2012-2015 provides an EcoMobility Allianceoverview of the achievements and ambitions of the world’s leading network for sustainable urban mobility. It also features 18 profiles of Alliance cities, showing how members of the Alliance are leading the way on creating people-friendy mobility Systems.

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Car2go launches China’s first free-floating carsharing service in Chongqing

After the successful introduction of car2go in 32 cities around the world, the subsidiary of German car manufacturer Daimler AG launched its service in the central-Chinese megacity Chongqing on 15 April 2016. Titelbild
With 400 cars available in a designated service area in downtown Chongqing (approx. 60 km2), it is not only the first Chinese city, but the first city in Asia to include free-floating carsharing in its urban transport system. As one of the forerunners in promoting carsharing, Chongqing can be awarded as a lighthouse for the overall development of new mobility services in China.

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Smart logistics for medication – Improving access

May 17 – 19, 2016 at Merck Innovation Center, Darmstadt, Germany

Kenya faces a central challenge in improving access to medicines and health products for low-income populations, especially in rural and remote areas. This is influenced by various challenges, such as limited availability of high quality products, inefficient demand planning, long lead times, lack of appropriate storage space, as well as poor infrastructure. Responding to this nationwide problem, the Government’s total health expenditure has increased to 3.04% of the total KES 2 trillion (USD 19.8 billion) budget for 2016/17.

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