choice GmbH – An Interview

Benjamin Häger, choice GmbH, talks about demand-oriented mobility planning in an interdependent world, the revival of the bicycle and the key role of municipalities in sustainable mobility planning.

TUMI Friends: Could you briefly describe your consultancy and the main activities in the field of mobility and logistics?

Benjamin Häger: choice GmbH is an independent research and development organisation with comprehensive experiences in conceptualising innovative mobility services. Where mobility meets sustainable urban development, we focus on modern issues, e.g. bike and car sharing, e-mobility and smart forms of participative planning. In the projects, innovative technical solutions are flexibly combined with custom-made user applications. For instance, we create customised software solutions like online participation platforms or management tools to plan demand-orientated mobility infrastructure. Read more

Recommendations for Mobility Master Planning published

„Integrated mobility helps make mobility in cities more sustainable and climate-friendly,” says Professor Ahrens, Technical University of Dresden, commenting on the new release of the English translation of the Recommendations for Mobility Master Planning. The recommendations introduce a new bi-level working method that emphasises goal-oriented, comprehensive transport planning and integration with spatial development planning.Read more

SPOTLIGHT No. 2: Cities with no road fatalities – Road Safety Report

Vision Zero is the goal of road safety experts around the globe. The vision of zero road fatalities may in general still be far off: More than 1.2 million people are killed every year in traffic accidents worldwide. But still, Vision Zero is no utopia, as analyses of DEKRA Accident Research show.Read more

Ukrainian University meets TUMI Friends’ friends

_DSC0336In early June a delegation from the Kharkiv National Automobile and Highway University were guests at the Universities in Berlin (Technical University, Centre of Science and Technology) and Dresden (Technical University, Institute for Transportation Ecology) and exchanged with further members of TUMI Friends.

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Press release “Sustainable Mobility for Smart Cities” TUMI Friends Conference on May 20th

On May 20th 2015, the “Sustainable Mobility for Smart Cities” TUMI Friends conference took place as part of the Metropolitan Solutions in Berlin.
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“Sustainable mobility made in Germany“ in the Journal International Transportation, Issue 1, May 2015

The new Journal ‘International Transportation’ – the new English version of ‘Internationales Verkehrswesen’ – published the article “Sustainable mobility made in Germany“. Read more

SPOTLIGHT No. 1: New directions in urban transport in Germany

New findings on travel behaviour within the “Mobility in Towns – SrV 2013” research project. Read more

Consulting in Sustainable Mobility published

The newly published “Consulting in Sustainable Mobility” by TUMI Friends gathers German knowledge and expertise on sustainable, innovative and efficient mobility solutions. Read more

Register Now! – Sustainable Mobility for Smart Cities

Sustainable Mobility for Smart Cities hosted by TUMI Friends

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Interview with Prof. Dr Tobias Bernecker and Jens-Jochen Roth on the concept of Sustainable Logistics in Germany


Q.1: What are the biggest challenges for the logistics industry worldwide?

Prof. Bernecker: Through continuous growth of world trade, transport and traffic volumes have doubled over the past years. This is causing increased rail and roadway congestion, delays at seaports, and an accelerated wear and tear of transport infrastructure. As a result, the economic viability of the transport sector and whole economies are jeopardized. Furthermore, ecological impacts associated with transport, such as increasing environment hazards and greenhouse gas emissions present a tremendous challenge.

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