Lab on urban freight Transport transformation

30 May 2016 | 2pm – 5pm, Impact Hub Berlin – Friedrichstr. 246 – 10969 Berlin

As urban freight volumes are expected to increase, decision-makers and planners are developing new concepts to innovate inner city freight distribution. Micro depots and cargo bikes are just a few ideas in this broad field that we would like to discuss with you. Maybe your idea could be part of the solution?
We warmly invite you for our Urban Freight Lab at Impact Hub Berlin on 30 May, 2-5pm.
Join us for an afternoon discussion with an expert from BikeAnjo in Brazil and discuss with other friends from the TUMI Friends network on what good concepts and innovative ideas in urban freight there are and on how they could actually change urban freight.

The discussion will be facilitated by Nele Kapretz from Impact Hub Berlin. It will explore the following questions

  • How could innovative urban freight concepts support a transition towards sustainable urban freight in developing and emerging countries?
  • Cargo cycling is still common in many places. How could existing concepts take the next step and convince policy makers again?
  • Where do you see challenges to implement green urban freight concepts in developing and emerging countries?

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