A comprehensive approach for road safety – The example of Germany


The German Federal Enterprise for International Cooperation (giz GmbH) has just released a new infographic which shows the measures that Germany has taken during the last decades to improve road safety. The measures are divided along the categories of infrastructure-related interventions, organizational improvements, measures at the vehicle level, emergency medical services, and user-related measures. Experts from the University of Wuppertal and BASt contributed to the graphic with their knowledge and experience.

The infographic can be downloaded here and soon also printed copies (DIN A0) will be available. If you would like to have some copies for use in your projects, for discussion with partners or for presentation at events please drop us an email (contact@german-sustainable-mobility.de).


PTV Group – An Interview

The PTV Group introduces themselves to the TUMI Friends community.


Developing real-time solutions for the logistics and the transport sectors is one of the key tasks of the PTV Group. Mr Peter Mott, Director Business Development Public Transport, gives insights into their work, their definition of sustainability and next steps.



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EU-China Urban Partnership delegation explores innovative mobility in Aachen and meets TUMI Friends

EU-China Urban Partnership delegation explores innovative mobility in Aachen and meets TUMI Friends

Air quality and sustainable transport development are high-ranking priorities for decision-makers and planners in Chinese cities. In the framework of the EU-China Urban Partnership, a high-ranking delegation from Chinese cities visited Gent, Antwerpen, Rotterdam, Amsterdam, Utrecht and Aachen. Organised by the European CIVITAS DYN@MO-Project, the delegation met up with transport professionals from the city of Aachen as well as with representatives from TUMI Friends on January 21.

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Delphi presents automated driving and vehicle networking

Delphi presents automated driving at Consumer Electronics Show, Las Vegas

Delphi2At the International Consumer Electronics Show, CES, Las Vegas, Delphi, along with other auto makers, presented technologies for automated driving and vehicle networking that enable Car2Car and Car2X communication in cars. Unlike classic car shows, CES clearly demonstrated how two industries are converging: the electronics and communications industry and the automotive industry. Delphi and other companies in the automotive industry clearly showed the opportunities that arise for the attractiveness of the car as well as for road safety.

Visitors were able to test for themselves how safe it is to drive a car through Las Vegas rush hour without the driver steering the wheel or using the pedals. In addition, Delphi demonstrated how to use cars with gaze, gestures, and speech. Camera technology, software, and gesture recognition come in whole or in part from the German auto supplier laboratories that work together with the Delphi development centre in Silicon Valley and other local “software companies”.

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Sustainable Travel Guide – Berlin

The Sustainable Urban Transport Guide Berlin

berlinA new guide giving advice on how to travel in central Berlin by public transport, bicycle, or on foot, as well as information on the development of sustainable mobility in the city, has been launched. Including maps and itineraries of several tours in the city centre, it also provides information on Berlin’s modal share: just over 30 per cent of trips are completed with private vehicles, with the rest coming from walking, cycling and public transportation.

Links are also provided to legislative and advisory documents on a variety of topics, such as Berlin’s cycling strategy, the low-emission zone in the city centre, and an elaboration on the themes of mobility management and traffic demand management!

Download here the The Sustainable Urban Transport Guide Berlin

Comprehensive Solutions for Increasing Challenges

Download our booklet illustrating the focus areas of TUMI Friends

In a rapidly changing world, mobility is key to sustainable development. Increasing economic, ecological and social aspirations of citizens worldwide, and limited natural resources drive innovation in the transport sector. The international exchange of ideas is a chance to solve one of the greatest challenges of our generation. Germany is a world leader in sustainable, innovative and efficient mobility solutions. athering German knowledge and expertise, TUMI Friends serves as a guide for sustainable mobility and green logistics solutions from Germany.

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“Clean Air – Made in Germany” published

“Air quality in German cities is as high as the air quality in rural areas 20 years ago. We reduced carbon monoxide (CO) by 90 per cent, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAH) by 90 per cent, benzene by more than 95 per cent, nitrogen oxides by 90 per cent and particulate matter by 70 per cent. This means we achieved a massive reduction of air pollution in Germany.” says Dr.-Ing. Axel Friedrich (Technical Chemist from the Technical University of Berlin), who contributed an interview to the publication “Clean Air – Made in Germany”.

It informs about stakeholders, legal initiatives and measures which contribute to the high level of air quality in Germany. As traffic is a main contributor to air pollution, special emphasis is given to what can be done to reduce pollutant emissions from the transport sector.

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Smart Mobility Roundtable in Leipzig

Smart Mobility Roundtable

Die TUMI Friends war auf dem „New Mobility Kongress“ in Leipzig vom 27.-29. Oktober 2014 nicht nur mit dem Messestand präsent, sondern veranstaltete auch den ersten TUMI Friends-Roundtable zum Thema Smart Mobility.

Während des dreitägigen Kongresses in Leipzig wurden innovative Mobilitätskonzepte, -produkte und -dienstleistungen diskutiert und präsentiert. Der TUMI Friends-Stand erfreute sich regen Zulaufs und machte viele deutsche Akteure erstmalig auf die Partnerschaft aufmerksam. Am Montag informierte sich eine Delegation aus der VR China im Rahmen einer Fachstudienreise zum Thema „Capacity Building für Innovationen in alten Industrieregionen“ über die TUMI Friends.

Am Runden Tisch wurde nach einer Vorstellungsrunde im Rahmen von Kurzvorträgen von Manfred Schmid, Patrik Akermann und Michael Abraham und einem Bericht zu Car-Sharing in China von Christian Hochfeld die Entwicklung von new mobility näher beleuchtet. Bei der anschließenden Diskussion zu besonderen Herausforderungen in Entwicklungs- und Schwellen-ländern wurden zukünftige Aktivitäten und Handlungsfelder der TUMI Friends im Bereich Smart Mobility besprochen. Anschließend wurden in informeller Runde Gespräche vertieft und direkte Kontakte geknüpft.

Am Smart Mobility Roundtable nahmen unter anderem Michael Abraham (TU Berlin), Patrik Akermann (Siemens), Thorsten Bähr (Verkehrswende e.V.), Thomas Hofmann (DB Rent und DB Fuhrpark Service), Alexander Maasch (chemmedia), Manfred Schmid (Universität Stuttgart), Benjamin Stammberger (PB-Consult), Dennis Steinsiek (nextbike), Johannes Theißen (team red), Lukas Sroka (Stadt Leipzig, Uni Leipzig), Markus Delfs (GIZ), Christian Hochfeld (GIZ) und Alexander Jung (GIZ) teil.

First meetings of the TUMI Friends’ friends with international Delegates at InnoTrans

innotransTUMI Friends shared its initiative at its booth at the InnoTrans fair on September 23 to 26. Three delegations from Ecuador & Brazil and further selected countries invited by the Federal Foreign Office visited the young initiative. The TUMI Friends’ friends had the opportunity to meet with the delegates informally and exchange experiences.

InnoTrans is an international trade fair for transport with approximately 3,000 exhibitors and 100,000 expert visitors. On Tuesday September 23, two delegations from Brazil and Ecuador met with TUMI Friends colleagues for an informal exchange about sustainable mobility solutions at the TUMI Friends InnoTrans booth, and later had a joint lunch at the Funkturm Stadium.


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Enabling Change, the TUMI Friends

Kick-off event at International Transport Forum

TUMI Friends held its first public event, “Enabling Change: The TUMI Friends” on May 22 at ITF 2014, attracting more than 80 representatives from businesses, academia, civil society and associations.

Franz Marré (BMZ) and Falk Heinen (BMUB) introduced the TUMI Friends‘ objectives, challenges and its future direction in the beginning of the session. Through enhanced dialogue between developed and developing countries, TUMI Friends aims to support the implementation of sustainable transport solutions in a comprehensive manner. Rehana Moosajee gave the keynote speech; as a former mayoral committee member for transport in Johannesburg, South Africa, she focused on experiences and challenges from emerging countries and the role of international cooperation in sustainable mobility.Read more