Starting a global dialogue on Air Quality – TUMI Friends at the Better Air Quality Conference 2018

TUMI Friends started a global dialogue on air quality by organizing an Asian-German Exchange on Air Quality through Sustainable Urban Transport at this year’s Better Air Quality Conference in Kuching, Malaysia.

At the dialogue session, TUMI Friends also presented the new Clean Air – Made in Germany booklet, that provides comprehensive information about stakeholders, legal initiatives and measures that contribute to the high level of air quality in Germany. As traffic is a main contributor to air pollution, special emphasis is given to what can be done to reduce pollutant emissions from the transport sector. The aim of the publication is to present best practice solutions for the worldwide needs to fight air pollution. You can download the new publication here.

The Speakers of the TUMI Friends Session (from left to right): Andreas Kerschbaumer (Senate City of Berlin), Omid Ejtemai (PTV Group), Dorothee Saar (Environmental Action Germany), Joshua Miller (ICCT), Antonio Multari (MAHA) and Levent Toprak (TUMI Friends)

Bringing together experts from environmental agencies, city councils and the private sector in Germany with experts from Asia and worldwide in the audience, several important conclusions were made. There was a strong agreement, that air pollution is neither an Asian nor a German problem but a global phenomenon. Therefore, a sustainable global dialogue platform on instruments, policies and strategies to face air pollution in cities is needed. On behalf of the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ), the TUMI Friends provides this platform for a sustainable exchange. Regarding the level of action to counteract air pollution, especially regulatory capacity on governmental level is needed. Clear requirements from cities to governments are also crucial as cities play a key role. During the debate there was strong consent that cities have to take more responsibility but also that the scope for actions on city level is wider than is commonly assumed. Pivotal actors also come from the non-governmental sphere as strong civil society movements and NGO’s are an important factor in decision making processes and influencing the decisions of cities and governments. The role of civil society in the transition towards more sustainable mobility should not be underestimated and has to be strengthened by providing adequate platforms for active participation. Last but not least, a holistic urban strategy approach is needed and technology should be integrated in decision making process, urban planning and policy framework. A good example is the use of Big Data as generated by the PTV Group, which is of high value in planning and legislative processes.

The Better Air Quality Conference 2018 in Kuching, Malaysia was attended by more than 600 participants from over 55 countries. Themed “Regional Action, Global Impact”, throughout the Conference, the need for unity and collaboration in the development of new solutions, designs and approaches to improve air quality and reduce greenhouse gas emissions was underscored. TUMI Friends is proud to be part of this collaborative approach and to contribute towards a more sustainable and cleaner future.

Contact: Levent Toprak,

Author: Jan-Marc Joost